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Health initiatives

Some health problems are often linked to a lack of physical activity, particularly concerning the cardiovascular system. One of the largest epidemics to hit the UK has been the rising obesity levels, attributed to poor diet and inactive / sedentary lifestyles; prematurely killing 9000 Britons each year. Government research has found that 95% of parents are concerned that obesity is a problem in children.

Many health initiatives use the power of sport to help combat various health problems. Encouraging participation in physical activity is likely to reduce health risks including weight and heart disease, and providers in the health sector such as the British Heart Foundation, NHS and SkillsActive have invested in initiatives promoting healthy living and active lifestyles. Examples include Change4Life, GP referral schemes and Active Together (local authorities) to encourage active lifestyles.

Private organisations are also getting involved in promoting lifestyle choices including supermarkets and food producers who offer vouchers for schools to invest in sporting equipment, nutritional wheels on food products and organise events throughout the year such as fun runs, marathons and 'walk to work' weeks.

Health Initiatives.[D]