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Globalisation in sport

Globalisation as the very word suggests means the spread of all things that once had local origins or roots to the rest of the world. Globalisation does not just simply refer to sport but works in all contexts. For example someone in Italy many years ago invented ice cream; now it is widely available all over the world. This is also very similar for sports; as we know from previous research the game of Rugby was invented by William Webb Ellis picking up a football and deciding to run with it. However Rugby has now grown and developed into an international sport played very successfully in countries such as South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

What are the possible reasons for globalisation and what are the factors that have made sports more accessible?

  • Increased movement of people across countries and continents
  • Increased global communication and travel
  • Increased finance and disposable income
  • Increased leisure time
  • Increased global sponsorship and advertising

The importance of globalisation is profound and many would say has increased the competitiveness within sport, none better an example than with soccer where many of the most successful national teams come from South America far from where it was invented in Western Europe. In fact it is no longer rare to see a child in any of Britain's major cities wearing a Brazil shirt with the name of Ronaldinho printed upon it.