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How does personality impact of sports performance?

All the above approaches and types of personality can be suggested to affect performance in numerous ways. Firstly it may impact what sport an athlete chooses to participate in and following this their contribution to that sport.

Aggressive players may be prone to getting more discipline from the umpires and referees, which as well as affecting their credit as a role model it may also have an affect on the team performance, especially if the player is sent off.

Confidence is a key personality characteristic that has clear impact on performance. If an athlete doesn't believe they are capable of succeeding then it is more than likely they won't. Being confident can be very influential in the motivation and determination shown in athletes. A confident performance can also affect how others see you in a competition and possibly affect their confidence levels.

Although personality is likely to affect sporting behaviour, research is still unsuccessful in determining one type of personality that is likely to succeed in particular sports.